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01   /   01   /   1968

OXIDOS FERRICOS, S.A. was founded in 1968, however the practice of extracting micaceous iron oxide started so many years before. The oldest mining work in this area date from 1890 (According to archives)

The market in charge of distributing MIO has evolved along the years. Because of this change the way of extracting and treating the mineral has also changed.


Its applications during 19th and the first part of the 20th century was in the steel sector. During this time the production and the benefits were low.


During the sixties and seventies a new market was open for MIO. It started to be used to make anticorrosive coatings, welding rods and even for cosmetics.


Nowadays the principal destination of our mineral is the anticorrosive paint industry and the manufacture of ceramics, materials to which MIO provides resistant and aesthetic properties.


The use of MIO based anticorrosive paint in paints of high finish, urban furniture and ornamental elements of all kind,  has in the last 40 year given a daily use profile to our product.


The perfect union of the functional with the aesthetic allows our Granadino mineral to be a witness of urban landscapes in Europe´s most important cities.

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