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ÓXIDOS FÉRRICOS S.A. is the first Spanish company of Micaceous Iron Oxide. We extract, transform, develop and supply MIO for industry.


Backed by 50 years of existence in the international market, ÓXIDOS FÉRRICOS S.A. provides its customers with competitive and efficient products.


Our goal is continuing to promote lasting commercial relationships built on trust and cooperation. Proof of that, the confidence placed in us year after year by our customers.


To ensure the high-quality of FERROXID® products, we are committed to the highest standars in all our processes in terms of innovation, technical support, quality product, security of supply, safety, ethical behaviour and environmental protection.


Our vision

"To offer the very best quality products to our customers by respecting the environment."


Our values

Dynamism, capacity to work as a team, adaptability to our customers needs, quality, innovation, recpect of the environment and integrity.


Read our article: Micaceous iron oxide.

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