Iron oxide micaceous - Óxidos férricos


The company Oxidos Ferricos S.A. was created in 1968 but the mining dealership of Oligisto Micáceo (Red Earth) was exploited much more before. The earliest mining activity mentioned in that area dates back to 1890.

The market for the distribution of the obtained mineral, Oligisto Micaceo (Red Earth), has evolved over the years, which has determined the exploitation of the mine and the processing at home. Its application to the iron and steel industry as an iron mineral in the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century created exploitation systems in all production areas, which linked to the inherent morphological and geological nature of Oligisto led to a performance of low production and little profit. The appearance of new markets in which Oligisto was incorporated with an important role (welding electrodes, anti-rust paint, tiles and even for cosmetics) caused a resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, almost the entire output of the mine goes to the anti-rust paint, and ceramics industry, an area in which Oligisto Micáceo has always been the main base supplier of the intrinsic characteristics of the final product. The use of this paint in decorative finishes, urban furniture and all kinds of ornamental elements has ensured in the last fifteen years an every day usage profile of the product. This perfect union of the functional with the aesthetic has allowed the Granadino mineral to be a witness of urban landscapes in Europe´s most important cities today.